The Culinary Stone: Deli & Cafe
The Culinary Stone: Deli & Cafe

The Culinary Stone: Deli & Cafe in Riverstone

Riverstone combines residential, commercial, and recreational spaces in Coeur d’Alene. The Culinary Stone in Riverstone Cd’A is one of the area’s veteran store tenants. In 2023, the store celebrates its’ 10th anniversary of being a part of the community. The Culinary Stone offers a quality, rotating selection of home goods in their marketplace and hosts cooking classes with local, professional chefs. They’re also a great source for wine and wine education.

The Café & Deli

The Culinary Stone Café offers a nice selection of hot and cold coffee and tea beverages. They offer many milk alternatives and even feature tasty gourmet treats made by local pastry chefs on occasion! The Cafe used to be a separate business within a joined pad site but has noticeably joined forces with the Deli within the marketplace. On the other hand, their deli offers a tasty selection of gourmet foods with fresh, top-quality ingredients. There is ample seating indoors and outdoors. This is a great place to grab a bite any time of year! I’d highly recommend enjoying one of their cold veggie-covered sandwiches. On a hot summer Coeur d’Alene day, a “The Soprano” sandwich featuring fine-crafted, freshly sliced meats and veggies, I must admit, hit the spot for me.

The Cooking

The store is prominently located on the corner, and while it’s not the busiest corner of the complex, it can be hard to miss with its iconic wrap-around sign and cafe with fine lunch food and drinks. The deli and cafe both have their place inside the store, but first and foremost, they’re a specialty chef supply store and a resource for aspiring chefs throughout Kootenai County. Ask for help; there is a solid chance it’ll be friendly and knowledgeable. Outside of shopping, the store offers cooking classes, wine tasting, and more. They’ve got a great little crescent-shaped classroom to host their local events.