Northwest Pet Resort Puppy Play & Stay
Northwest Pet Resort Puppy Play & Stay

Northwest Pet Resort: Cd’A Doggy Daycare

Northwest Pet Resort is a local pet resort located in Coeur d’Alene, a city renowned for its beautiful landscapes and a variety of outdoor activities that visitors and locals can practice all year round. 

Open-air lovers feel at home here in this area of Idaho, where like any beautiful lake town, you can find yourself strolling down to Lake Coeur d’Alene, Fernan, or Hayden Lake. Or maybe on a walk, or potentially some more adventurous hiking like up Canfield Mountain.

Is Coeur d’Alene dog friendly? Well, pet owners love to bring their pups with them I’ve noticed in Coeur d’Alene – and I’m an avid believer that bringing our furry animal friends along for the adventure can be far more enjoyable than trekking alone. Sometimes safer than you know. 

After a long fulfilled weekend or a potentially dull one at that, Northwest Pet Resort offers your pups a retreat and safe space to socialize and stay. Don’t worry, they’ve got an environment specially designed for cats too.

A Weekend Retreat For You & Your Furry Companions

Whether you’re a snowbird or not, traveling should be a part of every one of our lives: it might be just for the weekend or longer holidays, but from time to it happens. And when it does, we know we can find ourselves not always bringing our beloved friends along. 

Separation from the family can be emotionally demanding for your pups; this is why food and shelter are not the only things that we promise to provide to your animal.

First, we ensure to create a friendly environment for them to play, socialize, and learn under the supervision of the caring team members at NW Pet Resort.

The small, collective team of animal lovers with care for your pet and help pay it the attention and care they deserve while you’re away.

A Cd’A Family With A Vision

Behind this promise are the hands of the Ansels, a family that is seemingly driven by a strong sense of community. Scott & Ashley founded Northwest Pet Resort to spread their values in the city that has been home to their family, which includes a couple of majestic Siberian huskies.

Their interest in the animal community does not end outside the joyful playgrounds of the resort: the Ansels appear to play a role in building a better environment for animals and their owners to help the community of Downtown Coeur d’Alene to thrive and grow.

Getting Started

Dog & cat boarding is highly recommended in the event of a weekend getaway, wherever, unfortunately, you can’t bring your animal along. This pet resort has traditionally offered residents and visitors of Coeur d’Alene a top-quality facility and personnel to give an enjoyable and stress-free experience for your furry friends.

At Northwest Pet resort, they appear to put the animals’ happiness and health at the top of the list of our concerns. A strong indicator of this comes from the precautionary steps they take to ensure the safety of all their 4-legged guests.

Vaccine Certification

A valid vaccine certification is fundamental to accessing their resort and safeguarding the well-being of not only your loyal friend but also of all the other loyal friends inside the facility during their stay.

Specific Treats & Dietary Requirements

Consider also leaving your dog’s favorite treats in the hands of our staff, together with any particular dietary requirements to make the stay even more favorable and comfortable for them.

Toys & Personal Items

Your puppies will have a more enjoyable stay if they have something that smells like home. In this way, they will feel like you are still next to them.

What Is Doggy Daycare?

In this case, it means fun. It means socializing. A safe place for your favorite furry friends to build confidence and have fun playing with friends. Northwest Pet Resort doggy daycare aids in developing your pups’ happiness through attention throughout the day, as opposed to staying home alone all day.

This pet resort is clearly aware of the sensitivity of the pets who come through their door; Doggos are divided into varying playgroups based on the individual traits of each dog. This ensures the safety and the best experience for developing your pup’s confidence.

Pet Grooming in Cd’A

At Northwest Pet resort, they have the tools and facilities to give your dogs or cats a fresh look with all the attention they deserve. It is not always comfortable to give your animal a bath in your own home, both for you and for them. 

With one of their Bow Wowza Bubble Baths, you can rest assured that your pet will look fresh as never before. It is not just about the look that we speak of – a cleaner dog is a healthier pet.

Dog Training Classes in Cd’A

If you want to improve your relationship with your dog, we also recommend checking the courses offered by the pet resort and their qualified trainers can help take care of their behaviors or teach them new skills.

Looking For A Pet Resort in Coeur d’Alene?

You can visit Northwest Pet Resort’s website or find them on social media – where they give you a glimpse of the values this family has been trying to communicate in Idaho and to pet parents in the community.

This pet resort is a great safe space for your favorite furry friends to stay. Their doors remain open to dog and cat owners who desire only the best for their loyal life companions!