The Surf Shack Cd’A
The Surf Shack Cd’A

The Surf Shack Coeur d’Alene Burger Joint

Consistently voted North Idaho’s best burger joint, Surf Shack Restaurant is considered a favorite amongst many Coeur d’Alene area residents when looking for a great place to grab a high-quality burger and fries without the high prices.

Location Woes, a Damn Good Burger Joint!

Though initially located inside a gas station just across from the current location, Surf Shack now has its own building on the corner of Appleway Ave. (the most restaurant-populated street in town!) and N. 4th Street.

The building itself may not stand out much, but it won’t be hard to find if you know what you’re looking for. Their new location lay dormant as the town’s long-lost Dairy Queen, which went under a few years before their moving in. It is now painted to reflect Surf Shack’s fun and playful branding and can easily be identified for its bright blue neon sign and bright yellow paint exterior.

Parking, however, is a different situation. Though there is ample parking room in the back of the building and a select few spots in the front, it can be a struggle to access at times. Since this location is situated nearly touching the road, you’ll need to pull in fast and decide to park in the front or take a small alley to the back rather quickly. This has improved in recent years. Though we don’t think this is too much of a problem, you might consider parking in the much larger and more accessible to access EntertainMart lot 100ft to the west and walking over.

Sinking Teeth Into The Surf Shack’s American Classics

As you might expect with a classic burger joint, the menu here is primarily geared towards burgers, fries, and the usual fixings to boot. However, Surf Shack Restaurant also serves Philly sandwiches and their classic pastrami sandwich for those looking to try something a little different but just as delicious. Our favorite option so far is your classic triple cheeseburger with a side of onion rings, but don’t take our word for it!

Surf Shack Restaurant offers over 12 varieties of burgers to choose from, with customization options for all of them, including the ability to make it a wrap or combo meal. Also, to “spice” up your food, in-house sauces such as Surf Shack’s famous fry sauce and local huckleberry ketchup are available. We love the fry sauce here, and your first one is free with every order placed!

Though they only offer fountain and canned drinks, the options are what you would expect to find in most restaurants, so you should have no trouble picking something out. In addition, Surf Shack also offers infused teas, and their drink options are expected to expand as they settle into this new location.

Famed Burgers, What’s the Verdict?

As this is a burger joint, it should be noted that vegetarian and vegan options are limited to pretty much just sides. At the present time, we are not aware if Surf Shack offers meat-alternative patties or gluten-free options aside from making the burgers into wraps.

We would also like to note that service may be a bit slower during busier times, as unlike a chain restaurant, the ingredients used are much fresher and more delicious! Patience is a virtue and will be rewarded during your next visit.