izzy’s Comfort Kitchen
izzy’s Comfort Kitchen

izzy’s Comfort Kitchen Midtown Cd’A

A newer face in town, izzy’s Comfort Kitchen has otherwise been quick to become a well-known one since its opening during the pandemic in 2020. And honestly, I would like to agree with the hype. The love I’ve witnessed and heard for this southern-inspired restaurant in Coeur d’Alene is entirely justified, from personal experience.

izzy’s Comfort Kitchen is a family-owned and operated restaurant in the midtown district, of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. According to their website, you can find that here, izzy’s is owned and operated by owners Reannan and Jason Keene, veterans in the restaurant industry. This fantastic piece by The Spokesman-Review does an incredible job highlighting how this little restaurant, with a big impact, came to be. We’d highly recommend giving it an additional read.

I do believe this place certainly shines as a romantic destination, but I also wouldn’t be quick to disregard it for being a great casual lunch spot, as there is light fare, including various excellent salads and handhelds.

A Few Local Favorites

The Midtown Madness is a classic go-to for anyone daring to. It’s a burger, and it is massive. It’s one of the more pricey handheld menu items, but it can’t disappoint with its size and quality. Served with their hand-cut fries. If you like a good burger but maybe something lighter, the Peach Bourbon BBQ burger is also recommended. It could easily be the perfect balance of sweet and salty. To really get the southern experience, we’d recommend the izzy’s Chicken Dinner or Fried Steak for dinner! And don’t forget their fresh homemade cornbread. If you’re a fan of cornbread, we’d imagine you’d be a fan of izzy’s cornbread. Served hot with a dollop of warmed whipped butter and their specialty honey sauce.

Psst… Make a Reservation!

This place is popular! To ensure you get in for lunch or dinner on a Friday or weekend, consider giving them a quick ring and checking if a reservation is necessary for you.

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Where Is izzy’s?

izzy’s Comfort Kitchen is located in the midtown district of Coeur d’Alene on N 4th St. Parking is widely available on neighboring streets. Alternatively, there is a church-owned parking lot closest to the restaurant. They are not free. We’d recommend the no-cost public parking area provided by the city near the Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Store up the street. The restaurant is a bit hard to miss if you drive north up 4th Street. You can find them in a (small!) corner location with big and well-lit signage. Due to the size of the restaurant, we’d recommend getting a reservation if you plan on visiting for dinner.