7 Things To Do in Post Falls In The Fall
7 Things To Do in Post Falls In The Fall

7 Things To Do in Post Falls In The Fall

Visit Post Falls, Idaho, during the fall, and you’ll likely find plenty to do. It is a great time of year for everybody to enjoy the beauty of mild fall weather, offering vibrant hues of red and yellow throughout the neighborhoods – amidst many Ponderosa pines (Pinus ponderosa,) of course.

If you aren’t yet familiar with the city, Post Falls is a growing community on the Idaho side of the Washington-Idaho border. As summer turns to fall, the shift to autumn weather and the changing foliage can happen quickly in the area. The air carries a gentle, sometimes harsh chill. Still, there’s a sense of tranquility with the soft rustle of fallen leaves beneath your feet and as you breathe in the cool air.

Here are a few family-friendly things to do in the area, both out in the elements and in and under a roof: a couple of local places we think you should consider checking out this fall in Post Falls!

7. Explore Q’emiln Park

Q’emiln Park is a testament to the natural beauty and recreational bliss found. This is an idyllic park offering some sandy shores, unlike that which is common for the area, as well as typical, beautiful pines and natural landscape. Q’emlin Park boasts well-maintained picnic areas, perfect for families and friends to gather. The park also is known for its meandering nature trails, inviting visitors to explore acres of public forest.

With each step, the trail unveils a sense of peace and wonder, offering a quality blend of natural tranquility. Plus, show up at the right time of the year on your hike at Q’emiln, and you may see the nearby Spokane River dam open and rushing with water. However, we suggest checking back in the springtime! The trails are a great place for a casual walk to embrace yourself in the natural fall landscape. Q’emiln is a favored destination for rock climbers and birdwatchers alike, where the delightful melody of chirping birds often serenades your outdoor adventures. If you’re looking for a park with a playground, they’ve got one too.

What is Q’emiln Park named after?

This park is named after a Native American chief of the Coeur d'Alene Tribe, Chief Q'emiln. It is pronounced "ka-mee-lin" and is commonly spelled as Q'emlin or Ke-milth. The name pays tribute to the area's rich Native American heritage and acknowledges the cultural significance of the land.

6. Ride The Centennial Trail

For those who enjoy a ride on a flat surface and for long distances, check out The Centennial Trail. This trail runs along the Spokane River in Post Falls and is a segment of a larger Spokane River Centennial State Park Trail. Even in the fall, this trail is popular for its beautiful river views, nearby forestry, and many miles of well-maintained trails. The trail runs locally from one end of PF to the other, where we meet the Idaho-Washington border. However, the most picturesque parts are worth planning for. Whether you plan on visiting alone, with others, on the bike, or on foot, I’d recommend starting your journey closest to Falls Parks for the most scenic part and a convenient trailhead parking lot. Otherwise, park closer to the State Line and enjoy some more of the river and be closer to the border. There is ample street parking near the Greyhound Center and exit 1. Always check local signage before parking to be sure.

North Idaho Centennial Trail Bridge Foundation

5. Host a Family Picnic Outdoors

Gather the family with everyone’s favorite warmable bites and snacks and head to one of the area’s many local parks. Just make sure to plan for warmth! Enjoy a warm meal surrounded by the fall colors and crisp air. Just make sure to choose one of the nicer, sunnier days. North Idaho weather can be temperamental, so it’s crucial to plan. Parks like Q’emiln Park and Falls Park offer excellent picnic spots with outdoor barbeque grills. This, combined with an outdoor adventure at a nearby hiking trail, would be an excellent, low-cost solution to enjoying a day out.

4. Grab a Bite at Rob’s Seafood & Burgers

Or one of many local eateries that are special and unique to Post Falls. Classic fried seafood, fries, and burgers. There’s only one like them, central to the downtown area. But we won’t give Rob’s all the attention. Roger’s, a relatively newer addition to the area but not new to the Coeur d’Alene area, is also a comparable local burger joint, and they moved in down the street and under the bridge in 2017. Ok, I’m sorry, you may not be into burgers. If you’re interested in local burgers, Burger Bunker is also on the same street. It has quickly become a major local favorite since its humble beginning as a food truck – which has since expanded into a nearby building on Spokane St! OK, but not everyone’s into burgers… The White House Grill is also highly recommended, and believe it or not, you don’t have to travel far for this one either. The Spokane St. intersection is widely known for its garlic smell – but I have yet to hear one complaint about that.

3. Find a Special Fall Event

Post Falls, the city hosts several special events throughout the year and a couple in the fall. For example, they’ve previously held Trick or Treat at City Hall, and the city Parks and Recreation department hosts the Holiday Craft Fair. For the most up-to-date PF event information, I would recommend checking out their official government website and tourism center to discover the best events nearby at this time. If there isn’t a PF event at the time, we’d also recommend checking out nearby fall events in Coeur d’Alene and Spokane. There is a whole lot of fall fun that our community offers, such as Greenbluff pumpkin patches, apple picking, and Lake Coeur d’Alene fall cruises!

2. Enjoy The Spokane River at Black Bay Park

To enjoy the Spokane River was previously mentioned in #6 with The Centennial Trail. Additionally, you can visit Black Bay Park, a park nestled on the Spokane River located in PF. This park isn’t as large as many other parks in the area and has increased in popularity in recent years, so we’d recommend getting there early and making reservations where needed. This riverside park has dirt roads, specifically a looped road and limited parking. It’s relatively safe for most cards, but we’d advise you to exercise caution when visiting in the conditions, especially in the fall and wintertime. While the nice fall weather permits, one of the park’s most notable features is its frisbee golf course. I must include, though, that the canopy of pine trees above the park is best saved for summer days, as the blockage of the sun may feel great then, but in the fall, it may leave the park feeling colder than it really is.

1. Support Post Falls Local Businesses

It goes without saying that supporting local businesses is always a great choice for you and your community. It supports local jobs and helps support a more lively community and neighborhoods. Instead of endless scrolling, grab this week’s recommended flick at the local Video Theater. The Old European offers an excellent breakfast with a homey feel and neighborly service for an early morning fall bite. If you’re a fan of antiques, My Favorite Things is an expansive one-of-a-kind antique store. For that strong Post Falls School District educator in your life who deserves the world, consider gifting them a handcrafted pie from Birdy’s Pie Shop. There are many local businesses you can support throughout our community. Take a fall day and find a creative way to discover and try a new local business!


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