4 Beautiful Hiking Trails Near Cd’A
4 Beautiful Hiking Trails Near Cd’A

4 Hiking Trails Near Cd’A

Hiking trails near Cd’A aren’t too far and few in between. With a beautiful lake, tall trees, and gorgeous mountains, who wouldn’t want to hike to get some fresh air, especially in such a beautiful area of the country? If you find yourself looking for trails near Coeur d’Alene, read on. This article is for you.

4. Mineral Ridge

Located on the eastern bank of Lake Coeur d’Alene, Mineral Ridge is roughly a half-hour drive from the downtown area of Cd’A itself. Mineral Ridge is a gorgeous hiking trail rated to be easy, which is perfect for those looking for a casual hike with a magnificent view. The trail is a 3.3-mile loop with views of Beauty and Wolf Lodge Bay and the mountains surrounding the lake. The loop is relatively paved down the entire way from use and maintenance.

The hiking trail is perfect for casual hikers who want a beautiful water view and is great for families visiting or residing in Northern Idaho. Notably, Bald Eagles visit the lake every winter to feed on the spawning salmon. The trail has no shortage of gorgeous views- views that don’t require a day-long hike to reach. 

Mineral Ridge also has sheltered picnic tables, bathrooms, and facilities for the disabled along the trail. Mineral Ridge is the perfect trail for beginner hikers, families, or those looking to stroll on a nice trail. The elevation change is steady but increases throughout the majority of the trail.  The Bureau of Land Management also has a trail guide that helps hikers identify plants and animals found along the trail.

Overall, Mineral Ridge is the perfect trail for an easy hike that still provides beautiful scenery. Mineral Ridge is also one of the closest moderate hiking trails on the outskirts of Cd’A. 

3. Liberty Lake Regional Park

Its location is on the bank of Liberty Lake, about 30 minutes west of Cd’A. Liberty Lake Regional Park contains over 3,000 wetlands, woodlands, and lakeshores. It also features an 8.3-mile-long hiking trail.

The park offers a variety of activities, from swimming to camping to hiking. Liberty Lake Regional Park provides access to all of the beautiful scenery in North Idaho in a single park- having wetlands, mountains, and a lake within the boundaries. 

The hiking trail follows an 8.3-mile trail that takes you through various environments. The trail initially takes you along a swampy meadow where beavers and dams can be spotted. The trail will take you to the mountains around the lake before taking you along Liberty Lake. The hiking trail will also take you past a beautiful waterfall.

The hiking trail is very popular, allowing hikers, horses, dogs, and bikes on the trail. The trail itself is rated moderate, as it does have some steep uphill and downhill parts. The trail is perfect for hikers looking for a fun hiking trail that isn’t too easy and provides fantastic views. However, it should be noted that to access the hiking trail. You may need to pay a small fee at the trailhead during certain busy summer months.

The hiking trail does not feature picnic tables or rest shelters- all found in the park itself. The hiking trail may not be great for families with small children. But it can be If you limit yourself in the distance. Overall, this trail is perfect for hikers looking for a step up from a simple walking loop. The trail is also great for those who want to experience all the natural wonders found in northern Idaho.

2. Canfield Mountain Hiking Trails

Located in the northeast corner of Cd’A itself, just an 11-minute drive from the city’s heart, Canfield Mountain hosts a great series of hiking trails that truly allow you to appreciate the beautiful mountains of northern Idaho. The hiking trails are meant for both hikers and mountain bikers and consist of an upper and lower loop.

The trails are rated intermediate and roughly a mile and a half long. The trails also feature advanced areas. The trails are on a 24-acre expanse of open land that provides beautiful mountainous views and an escape from the city. They take hikers up and down steep hills and allow hikers to experience the wildlife that northern Idaho is known for.

These trails are also perfect for those who want a challenging hike without driving far from Cd’A.  The hiking trail’s steep up and downhill components can be difficult for beginner hikers. The hiking trail is also a mountain biking trail, so keep in mind that bikers will also be on the trail on select trails on the system.

1. Pulaski Trail

Located roughly an hour from Cd’A, Pulaski Tunnel Trail is the farthest trail on this list. It’s also the most characteristic trail on this list. The hiking trail takes you through a significant historical event in northern Idaho- the Great Fires of 1910. The journey is 4 miles altogether and is rated as a moderately difficult trail due to the windy paths and steep hills.

This hiking trail will put you in the shoes of the firefighters battling the flames of the massive wildfire—the trail cascades through the gorgeous forest before ending with a beautiful outlook over the Pulaski Tunnel. The hiking trail allows you to step into the past and genuinely appreciate the firefighters’ struggle while battling wildfires. The trail also gives you a chance to experience Idaho’s wildlife truly.

Though far from Cd’A, this hiking trail is also one of the most unique. The trail is deep in the forests of northern Idaho, giving you a chance to take in the natural beauty of North Idaho. Overall, Pulaski Tunnel Trail is the perfect hiking trail for those who want to take in the natural beauty of Idaho on a challenging trail.


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